Frequently Asked Questions

About CDM and CDM Products

How long has CDM been in business?

Clinical Data Management, Inc. (CDM) has been in business since 1986. The longevity, stability and strength of our company lies in its relationship with our clients. CDM software is based on quality improvement and data analysis and is designed to answer the unasked questions clients continually run into. Individuals with clinical experience design and support CDM software and are called upon frequently for their expertise in complex data analysis.

What are the hardware requirements for eTraumaBase?

Minimum workstation requirements are:

  • Pentium class processor
  • Internet connection with web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.)
  • Windows NT, Windows XP, Win2000, or Windows Vista workstation operating system
  • Monitor

For additional questions regarding hardware requirement please contact Support.

Discuss the capacity of your product.

eTraumaBase is a web based application streamed across the internet to your web browser using a HIPAA compliant SSL encryption certificate. Our products interact with one another, which makes it seamless when moving data from small facilities to large facilities, from small and large facilities to regional systems and from small, large and regional systems to the state.

Where does one go to log into their eTraumaBase system?

Click here. There is also a button at the far right side of the navigation bar labeled "Client Login" that will take you where you need to go. After going to "Client Login" simply select which eTraumaBase system you wish to log into, enter in your CDM provided username and password, and you're there!

Discuss your company’s customer/technical support. What are the expectations to get a response to a question? What is the expected turn around time to have technical software problems resolved after we get a response to a question?

All incoming calls are logged and prioritized by levels of severity. Support calls are assigned reference numbers for future inquiries. At your request, CDM will:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of the problem.
  2. Specify which level of priority has been assigned to the problem.
  3. Provide an estimate of how long it will take to rectify the problem.
  4. Inform you if we can not meet your deadline.

Support is one of CDM’s highest priorities. We assess support issues daily and utilize the multi-skilled staff available at CDM to ascertain the answers of user's questions as quickly as possible.

Will we have access to the source code?

Clinical Data Management clients do not have access to source code.

Does this application support multiple hospitals? Explain how this is implemented.

All Clinical Data Management products are networkable and flexible. By flexible, we mean our products are designed to fit many different environments and are priced accordingly. Our products can interact with one another, which makes it seamless when moving data from small facilities to large facilities. We even have systems designed for the smallest EMS or clinic/small hospital setting that uses the software primarily for data entry and data transmission to the region or state. Our systems can accept data from other registry sources and can also easily accept import data from mainframes. Satellite facilities can export their data to a main or regional facility for data consolidation. The data can still be differentiated by way of the Institute Number. We are also able to connect hospitals together via a Wide Area Network or WAN.

What database do you use?

Revelation OpenInsight Linear Hash.

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