Here's what our clients have to say...

Superior Customer Support

"As good as we've found the software to be, the Support Staff at CDM is even better. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and creative individuals who make up the single best support staff it has ever been my pleasure to interact with. I've been in IT for just over 10 years, have administered dozens of vendor supported applications and I have never been as pleased with a vendor's support of their application as I am with CDM's support of TraumaBase. Their responsiveness, ability to aid in solving any problem we've thrown at them, and willingness to engage in meaningful and thought provoking dialogue on any subject related to their product is unparalleled in this industry."

Easily Customizable

Take the tried and proven framework of the CDM registry products and make them your own. After experiencing two decades in registry database management, CDM understands that one solution won't always fit every need. Whether you need a custom report, a specific data entry screen, or a custom module, CDM understands your business and can easily customize any application to meet your needs. "We were amazed at how fast our custom reports could be generated at an affordable cost!"

Scalable Software

Scalability, from one to many. The technology behind all CDM registry products allows for seamless expansion. "With little investment in new hardware, we are able to easily grow our department." Scalable software shows a continuous qualitative improvement with better hardware and that's the secret behind the CDM scalability difference. It's software that you can use for well into the foreseeable future.

Intuitive User Interface

Point and click, drop and drag, these are all standard features of today's software solutions. The CDM difference lies in the intuitiveness of the interface. Built by people that understand your business, the standards used come from doing the job. "It is clear that CDM understands our business, it's evident in the way they organize the software and data entry screens. Everything just makes sense!"

Shortened Learning Curve

"CDM provides plenty of training opportunities. But, we really only need it for advanced functionality. Their basis training shortens the learning curve we have experienced with other systems. I was pleasantly surprised when we installed the software. our people took next to no time to get it up and running."

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